Introducing the now-patented Hybrid FORWARD BULKER 84-LNG 

Our patented Kamsarmax bulk carrier

Our Game-changing Engine Room:

Outstanding Performance

Forward's vessels have been designed to run for up to 82 days or to cover up to 23,600 nautical miles on LNG only.  With their dual-fuel capacity this range is up to 154 days at sea or 44,500 nautical miles.


Earth’s circumference is 21,639 nautical miles.

Emission reductions

that speak for themselves


Shell: - "Forward Ships is a credible, feasible game-changer."

We tick the all the boxes:

Forward Ships Checklist of Outstanding Performance

Our patented Kamsarmax bulk carrier


Our Project Forward received the GREEN4SEA Clean Shipping Award for promoting the adoption of LNG as a marine fuel, suggesting the design of a Kamsarmax size bulk carrier which reduces the cost of transportation at sea, modernizes the shipping industry and defines the new standard of vessel for IMO's 2020 emission rules.  

Other short-listed nominees for this category were:  
CMA CGM Group, Ecoslops, Green Ship of the Future and Vision of the Fjords.



Our Record Holder Engines:

Our  Wärtsilä 31,  the engine type of Forward Ships,  is the most fuel efficient 4-stroke dual fuel marine diesel engine. This engine is manufactured by Wärtsilä Finland. The engine has a fuel efficiency of 165 g/kWh, as verified by Guinness World Records on 26 May 2015.


With 22 million hours of experience, this is a proven, tested, and applied technology that works successfully. This is one of the reasons why we chose it. Click to see the reference list.

Efficient use of fuel helps to reduce emissions from shipping.

Forward Ships is a Member of

The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) established to promote safety and industry best practice in the use of gas as a marine fuel. Governed by a representative Board and driven by two principal Committees, SGMF has several working groups at any one time solving issues and producing outputs such as Guidelines and checklists for the industry. The Society has produced four ISBN publications in the past two years and has over 120 international members ranging from oil majors, port authorities, fuel suppliers through to equipment manufacturers and classification societies.

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